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GIANTS Editor Versionen:

9.x.x - FS22:

GIANTS Editor 9.0.3 (29-06-2022)
  • Added support for Farming Simulator 22 Patch 1.6
  • Creating and switching spline control points can now be done if just the spline is selected
  • Fixed crash when deleting a camera and save
  • Fixed shortcuts handling (unable to type a letter when it was binded to shortcut, detecting shortcuts on wrong places)
  • Added Note node to place sticky notes in the scene
  • Terrain edit replace value is no longer updated when copying parameters with Ctrl+R in terrain paint mode
  • Added option to hide foliage
  • Fixed geometry tangents after freeze transform
  • Properly reload materials instead of keeping the existing materials when reloading an i3D
  • Added UI creation functions to script
GIANTS Editor 9.0.2 (21-12-2021)
  • Support for Farming Simulator 22 new shader format
  • Fixed old profile import with 'Game Installation Path' pointing to Farming Simulator 19
GIANTS Editor 9.0.1 (24-11-2021)
  • Support for Farming Simulator 22 i3d format
  • Added basic conversion of mods from Farming Simulator 19 to Farming Simulator 22
  • Added support for i3d references
  • Added "Locked Group" attribute for any node. Allows picking of locked groups instead of their children
  • Added shortcut to create a "Locked Group" for the selection: Ctrl + Shift + G
  • Added new mesh paint mode
  • Added horizontal scrollbar to scenegraph panel
  • Added mouse button function "erosion" in terrain editing panel
  • Added support for windows high contrast mode in scenegraph panel
  • Added a searchbar for the scenegraph
  • Added separate gizmo modes (Q: combined, E: scaling, R: rotating, T: translating)
  • Added first person mode
  • Added prefab rating
  • Fixed movement with RMB + WASD
  • Added support for adding multiple audio files to an audio source
  • Fixed copy/cut/paste crash when pasting in the same node that was copied/cut (cutting and undo to get the old node)
  • Added possibility to edit node name with use of F2
  • Added more simple geometry to create (WASD + ctrl + space + mouse to control, esc to exit)
  • Added option to change various checkboxes in with multiple objects selected
  • Added new option to render a translation helper grid when translating within a plane
  • Added terrain layer manager to modify terrain layers
  • Added dialog for editing shortcuts
  • Added rectangular object selection in viewport
  • Added German localization
  • Fixed deletion of group nodes when undo/redo history is cleared
  • Improved object selection (picking)
  • Added a "Default" menu entry for View/Debug/ menu, which resets the debug view
  • Added option to toggle if non-renderable objects are selectable
  • Added option to toggle if splines are selectable
  • Made main viewport detachable
  • Added a "limit to texture" replace option for texture painting
  • Fixed the viewport update for foliage when terrain sculpting
  • Added snapping also in local mode for translation, rotation and scaling
  • Fixed node dragging in scenegraph
  • Added shortcuts to increase and decrease size of gizmo
  • Added new shortcuts ALT+G, ALT+R, ALT+S to reset translation, rotation and scale
  • Added CTRL+x,CTRL+c,CTRL+v support for cut, copy, paste in editor script control
  • Added support for 3DConnexion SpaceMouse
  • Esc exits the current paint mode
  • Added option to have named drop downs for terrain detail layers
  • Added option to temporarily enable grid snapping by holding 'X'

8.x.x - FS19:

GIANTS Editor 8.2.2 (16-11-2020)
  • Fixed sky rendering
GIANTS Editor 8.2.1 (13-11-2020)
  • Added script functions to query shape and material setup (getShapeIsSkinned, getIsNonRenderable, getShapeBoundingSphere, getMaterial...)
  • Added editor script to check if clip distances are not completely wrong
  • Added editor script to generate seasons mask
GIANTS Editor 8.2.0 (22-11-2019)
  • Scenegraph is processing arrow keys
  • When saving a mod on the same drive as the game path, it uses now the correct '$' syntax
  • Fixed terrain paint preview when resizing brush with mouse wheel
  • Fixed terrain preview painting when undoing/redoing terrain paint commands (with CTRL+Z, CTRL+Y)
  • Fixed wrong selection after copy paste (after pasting in a transform group the whole transform group was selected)
  • Fixed visual raycast position report with start position != zero
  • Various script editor fixes (ie. weird selection behavior when switching files while not saved, don't store local information in tree data, find file by name fixes, detect any changes and not just 127 typing)
  • Incremented mod description version to 43
  • Added debug depth rendering mode
GIANTS Editor 8.1.0 (09-02-2019)
  • Added basic convertion of mod maps from Farming Simulator 17 to Farming Simulator 19
  • Improved foliage paint panel
  • Improved info layer paint panel
  • Added preview option for terrain detail texture paint mode
  • Added option to navigate in scenegraph panel with arrow keys
  • Fixed memory leak when applying terrain operations after undo operations
  • Added new toggle options for interactive placement mode:
  • 'S' Scale new objects randomly (range according to preferences)
  • 'C' Don't place new objects on objects created during the current session
  • 'T' Only place new objects on terrain
GIANTS Editor 8.0.0 (20-11-2018)
  • Added Post FX panel
  • Added script for Farming Simulator 19
  • Added support for Farming Simulator 19 mods
  • Fixed terrain sculpting erosion feature
  • Fixed minor scenegraph editing features

7.x.x - FS17:

GIANTS Editor 7.2.0 (17-07-2017)
  • Added Drag and Drop support in the scenegraph
  • Added context menu show->selected wireframe (on / off)
  • Added frame scale settings to prevent to close zooming of objects when pressing F.
  • Hidden objects are greyed out in the scene graph (visibility == false)
  • Grouping objects (CTRL+G) are placed in a new group in the scene graph position of the last selected object
  • Camera panning in "Frame Rotate" mode moves the focus point accordingly
  • Fixed interactive placement of spline control and edit points
  • Fixed popup of context menu while in paint mode
GIANTS Editor 7.1.0 (14-03-2017)
  • Added prefabs dialog
  • Fixed spline rendering
  • Fixed spline selection
  • Fixed freeze transformation
  • Fixed animation window, it showed the wrong animation time
GIANTS Editor 7.0.5 (21-11-2016)
  • Fixed crash when painting one or two channel foliage layers
GIANTS Editor 7.0.4 (17-11-2016)
  • Added shape attribute CPU mesh (e.g. to mark shapes to be wrapped by tension belts)
  • Fixed crash when selecting fill volumes, splines or particle systems
  • Fixed special character saving
GIANTS Editor 7.0.3 (11-11-2016)
  • Fixed create mod-map from game briefing image issue
  • Added helper scripts
  • Fixed issues with light rendering on older GPUs
GIANTS Editor 7.0.2 (25-10-2016)
  • Increased max number of editable custom-shader-parameters
  • Using srgb for mod texture dds
  • Create mod from game writes descVersion=31
  • Report mod conv proper error-message in case of uploading to big files
  • Fixed modding tools proper save paths
  • Fixed undo stack size when undoing
  • Fixed texture viewer showing wrong color space in drop down
  • Fixed texture viewer and mod texture selection to show "convert to dds" if the png is selected while a dds exist
  • Fixed srgb linear conversion with dds conversion in texture viewer
  • Fixed mod conv old file was opened after conversion
  • Fixed getting started dialog
  • Fixed opening of converted mods
GIANTS Editor 7.0.0 (14-09-2016)
  • Added getSceneFilename to script
  • Added mods from game Steam version support
  • Updated modding tools
  • Fixed export with files
GIANTS Editor 7.0.0 Beta (23-07-2016)
  • Improved scripting window
  • Added support for orthographic camera
  • Added refresh custom shader button on material panel
  • Added [shift] + WASD + [right mouse button] navigation
  • Added support for undo / redo of object selection / deselection
  • Added hot key for hide object (CTRL-H) and show object (SHIFT+H)
  • Fixed / Improved rotation- and translation gizmo
  • Added scaling gizmo
  • Fixed terrain wireframe rendering
  • Added support for interactive placement along face normal
  • Improved debug rendering of light sources
  • Added support to group selected nodes
  • Improved spline editing, introduced concept of edit points
  • Added support for interactive placement of spline control- and edit points
  • Added absolute (key x) and relative (key j) snapping tool for object rotation and translation
  • Added Modding Tools
  • Added support to modify BV

6.x.x - FS15:

GIANTS Editor 6.0.5 (26-01-2016)
  • Fixed uv coordinates when saving split shape attachments
  • Added support for layer specification for foliage/terrain detail distance textures (distanceMapLayers)
  • Added support for orthographic cameras
  • Added saving of distance texture cache for faster game loading times
  • Fixed double-clicking on i3D files with spaces in their path
  • Script editing improvements
  • Added support for maps larger than 4km x 4km
GIANTS Editor 6.0.3 (04-12-2014)
  • Reduced physics data size
  • Selection in Scenegraph tree is now in the order the objects are selected
  • Fixed order of onCreate calls when saving after objects have been modified
GIANTS Editor 6.0.2 (27-10-2014)
  • Added full Unicode support
  • Increased maximum shape size
GIANTS Editor 6.0.1 (17-10-2014)
  • Fixed shader cache issues
GIANTS Editor 6.0.0 (04-10-2014)
  • Added Material Panel
  • Added Script Editor
  • Added decal layer to editor
  • Added support to export selection with files
  • Fixed pressing r in editor while just a transform group is selected
  • Fixed spline rendering
  • Fixed multiple replace issue
  • Fixed terrain lod texture update in editor

GIANTS Remote Debugger Versionen:

9.x.x - FS22:

GIANTS Debugger 9.0.0 (11-03-2022)
  • Added support for Farming Simulator 22
  • Removed support for Farming Simulator 19
  • Added option to use the latest script binding and game sources from the current Farming Simulator 22 installation (default for new projects)
  • Added image viewer
  • Added configurable shortcuts
  • Added game memory stats view
  • Added performance metrics
  • Added error list view
  • Added type filter to project browser
  • Added XML xsd validation
  • Improved handling of --#debug,--#profile tags
  • Improved auto completion
  • Various crash fixes and behavior fixes

8.x.x - FS19:

GIANTS Debugger 8.0.2 (13-11-2020)
  • Added support for Farming Simulator 2019 v1.7.1.0
GIANTS Debugger 8.0.1 (09-07-2020)
  • Added support for Farming Simulator 2019 v1.6.0.0
GIANTS Debugger 8.0.0 (18-10-2019)
  • Initial release


GIANTS Loop Synthesis Tool 9.0.0 (09-03-2022)
  • First release with support for Farming Simulator 22

GIANTS Test Runner Versionen:


FS22 Test Runner 0.8.9 (14-03-2023)
  • increased modDesc version to 73 / patch 1.9
  • allow BC7 compression for brand icons
  • changed suggested format in case of error to BC7_UNORM
  • fixed empty string error for paintable brush without I3D file linked
  • added map size check
  • fixed brandIcon check
  • fixed a crash if an I3D has an empty string as file reference
  • added console print that inform the user of the progress while parsing large amount of dds, I3D and xml files
  • added material check in Shape nodes returning a message if multiple materials are assigned to the same node (not mandatory yet, see guideline 7.4)
FS22 Test Runner 0.8.8 (11-11-2022)
  • increased modDesc version to 72 / patch 1.8.2
  • Changed how multiple modDesc.xml and prefabDesc.xml are handled
FS22 Test Runner 0.8.7 (25-10-2022)
  • increased modDesc version to 71 / patch 1.8.1
  • fixed storeItem loading if storeItems.xml is present within a mod
FS22 Test Runner 0.8.6 (02-09-2022)
  • increased modDesc version to 69 / patch 1.7.1
  • updated shader/material hashes
FS22 Test Runner 0.8.5 (23-08-2022)
  • fixed foliage distance texture usage check
  • fixed an issue in case of TimeoutError during version check
  • added modIcon check in case of link from basegame ($data)
FS22 Test Runner 0.8.4 (01-07-2022)
  • added TestRunner version check
FS22 Test Runner 0.8.3 (29-06-2022)
  • increased modDesc version to 67 / patch 1.6
  • updated ShaderCheckEditor Material Configuration Cache and basegame duplicate hashes for patch 1.6
FS22 Test Runner 0.8.2 (08-06-2022)
  • increased modDesc version to 66 / patch 1.5
  • added check for backslashes in i3d filepaths
  • added check for non-ascii characters in filenames
  • updated ShaderCheckEditor Material Configuration Cache and basegame duplicate hashes for patch 1.5
FS22 Test Runner 0.8.1 (22-04-2022)
  • increased modDesc version to 65 / patch 1.4
  • updated ShaderCheckEditor Material Configuration Cache and basegame duplicate hashes for patch 1.4
FS22 Test Runner 0.8.0 (01-04-2022)
  • added inital version of prefab check
  • fixed parentFile xml reference feature if used within a mod
FS22 Test Runner 0.7.2 (08-03-2022)
  • include filename and error location of malformed xml files in output/console
  • fixed .gim files not being flagged as obsolete
FS22 Test Runner 0.7.1 (04-03-2022)
  • added support for "parentFile" xml reference feature
  • updated Material Configuration Cache for patch 1.3
  • improved Editor installation directory detection
  • fixed ModDesc TAB-character detection
  • fixed issues parsing DDSFiles
FS22 Test Runner 0.7.0 (14-01-2022)
  • initial release for FS22


FS19 Test Runner 0.6.3 (15-02-2023)
  • No Changelog Available
FS19 Test Runner 0.6.2 (23-11-2020)
  • ShaderCheckEditor: fixed module resulting as "failed" when no i3ds are present
  • ObsoleteFiles: added warning for unused .i3d.shapes files
  • ObsoleteFiles: improved performance by reducing number of files to be hashed
  • various output improvements
FS19 Test Runner 0.6.1 (18-11-2020)
  • ShaderCheckEditor: fixed exception when testing mod without i3ds
  • html output: added button to unfold/collapse all detail elements
FS19 Test Runner 0.6.0 (13-11-2020)
  • added ShaderCheckEditor module (checks mods for shader cache compatibility with console version of the game, requires GIANTS Editor version 8.2.1)
  • prevent issues when trying to load editor location from giants package registry xml
  • added loading of game installation location for epic game store version (default directory only) (BT #503)
FS19 Test Runner 0.5.4 (14-09-2020)
  • ObsoleteFiles: less false negatives for png files
  • EditorCheck: added explicit terminate in teardown-step, prevent crash for decode issue due to editor crash
  • SlotCheck: stability improvements
  • ShaderCheck: fixed public version + verbose flag
FS19 Test Runner 0.5.3 (09-09-2020)
  • I3DFile: made parsing more robust
  • EditorCheck: added render-call to expose possible errors
  • TexureCheck: added texture resolution 2^n check
  • SlotCheck: fixed crash if foliage i3d is malformed
  • ObsoleteFiles: prevent false positives for map png files
  • ObsoleteFiles: exclude /envMaps/
  • ObsoleteFiles: added list of referencing files to duplicate files errors
  • added test data name to testResult html title
FS19 Test Runner 0.5.2 (14-08-2020)
  • added "total wasted space" sum to basegame duplicate check
  • ModDescCheck: fixed a crash when ModDesc loca-entry could not be read
  • DXTCheck: added exclude for textures referenced in fillPlane_materialHolder.i3d (only DXT5 shader cached)
  • I3DCheck: added exclude for duplicate fileIds if used for texture and emissive map
  • VehicleCheck: added warning if dailyUpkeep is present
FS19 Test Runner 0.5.1 (10-08-2020)
  • fixed result auto-open for paths with spaces
  • added command line option --outputFormat "format" "autoOpen" for setting additional output formats
  • only include dataCollector errors in public version
  • updated min descVersion to 51
FS19 Test Runner 0.5.0 (07-08-2020)
  • added HTML output (automatically opens after test run)
  • added flag --disableAutoOpen to prevent automatic opening of results
  • disabled TXT output
  • ObsoleteFiles: added duplicate check for basegame files using hashes
  • EditorCheck: fixed problems with non-ASCII characters in i3d files
  • fixed various false positives
  • various stability improvements
  • improved texts
FS19 Test Runner 0.4.0
  • StoreItemCollector: fixed crash if storeItem cannot be found
  • SlotCheck: fixed error handling if map configFile cannot be found
  • ModDescCheck: improved changelog detection ("Version a.b.d.c" inside description)
  • I3DCheck: added explicit check for existance of referenced shapes file
  • added ShaderCheck: prints warning if mod contains custom shaders or uses shaders which are not present in the basegame cache(no actual cache of the materials)
  • fixed crash if a file path starts with ">"
FS19 Test Runner 0.3.0
  • disable storeIcon check if "showInStore" is set to false
  • ObsoleteFiles: added "*_dem.png" to whitelist
FS19 Test Runner 0.2.0
  • fixed --outputPath for public version (feedback)
  • added checks for storeIcon and modIcon dimensions (feedback)
  • added "LOD_" exclude for MipMapCheck (feedback)
  • added VehicleCheck: print info (testResult xml-file only) if "wearable" or "washable" XML elements are not present (feedback)
  • TextureCollector: improved texture file reference detection in lua files (feedback)
  • I3DCheck: improved phrasing for i3D reference outside scope
  • MipMapCheck: improved texts
FS19 Test Runner 0.1.0
  • initial beta

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